Saturday, April 30, 2005

Snoogums Boogums

"Try to imagine the most sugary-sweet lyrics you can. It won’t come close to these" says Eric

I agree. Not for those on a low sugar diet - Cuppycake


Cat Food

Cute kitties with a slight identity problem.


Monday, April 18, 2005


You have such a lovely face. I want to lick your delicious tips and smell your sugary stems.

Meringue typeface by BV fonts


Friday, April 15, 2005

Eco, Meet Retro

Handmade bags using "funky reclaimed vintage fabrics"
Sling Fings


Mogu for You?

Funniest fun?

You are pure...your piaa?
But it's for a good cause... check these out


Think Pink

Because a dog can never have too much pink in its life, right?

Louis Dog accessories from The Ritzy Rover


Tuesday, April 12, 2005


To reform the entertainment? What the?

After looking at how wonderful this mini plastic world can be, you'd be wanting to reform your entertainment too. Re-ment (in japanese)

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Kooki Sushi

Why am I getting heart palpitations at the sight of these sushis?

Because they are not sushi sushi, they're Kooki Sushi -- chocolate confections made to look like sushis. Visit Kooki Sushi to see works of art so delightful, you won't wanna eat them.

On a similarly delicious note, visit Delicious Days for more yummy looking goodness.


Saturday, April 09, 2005


I woke up with a note from my fat kitty:
"If you don't get your lazy arse over to Postmodern Pets to get me a KittyPod, I am going to use your expensive italian couch as my litter box."



Polar Cakes

Lovely pastel confections at Polar Puffs and Pastries


Friday, April 08, 2005


Punch the dolly at the top and watch it cry. I think it's a cat. (It's in japanese)


Cool, Baby

Now I know why new mums get post-natal depression -- UGLY diaper bags. How about these babies? Pink, chocholate and even camo-print for dads(and rugged mums). And finally, the elusive black layette (not that I'm trying to find it). Enjoy these links:



Fair trade baby clothes. Sounds good to me. Looks good too. Visit Cheekaboo to see more of adorable babies in moo-cow and snow leopard outfits.

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Oops, didn't mean to sound so blue in the previous post. (Dad was loved and appreciated while alive, he just never got any flowers)

Moving on to other things blue, these lovely paintings from Kanvas are mighty fine, yes?

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I've only started giving my dad flowers regularly a few years ago.

But the bugs and weeds that live at the graveyard do not know how to appreciate their beauty.

If you have a loved one, why not give them something nice while they're still around. :)


Fun Plates

You don't need a reason to get these, they are just Fun Plates. Customize these plates with your own text and colours. Various sizes available from MBossed


This Butter Be Good

Amul Hits, Utterly butterly clever campaigns

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Paperless Dolls

Wanna fulfill your fantasy of dressing up Jude Law in nothing but boots and calvins? Head on to Paper Doll Heaven where all your womanly (and girly) dreams can come true. Huge selection of celebrities for you to dress up. Like real paper dolls, only WITHOUT paper.



Ephemera junkies, please get your dose at Ruby Lane. Photo by Whimzy Treasures.


The Cutest Bags run by Michelle and Henk from the Nederlands features er... the cutest bags for under 10 Euros.

Also check out the adorable stuffs at


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Look Ma...


Please say hi if you drop by (unintentional rhyme).

Thanks and have a lovely day.

Cheers and much love :)


Thank You Card

Your friends will thank you instead with a card this lovely. April blue thank you card from Dewey Howard


Nokia Track

If you need to know, for any reason whatsoever, the track used for the Art Deco red and black Nokia ad, it is "Zap Me Lovely" by Trickbaby from Song Zu


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tweaking in Progress

If the layout is a bit wonky, it's because I'm tweaking the template around. Please report any weird sightings to lovelyroom AT gmail DOT com. For the time being, here's a link to LIVE NUDE CATS! (Note that you must be above 18 MONTHS to enter) :)


Origami Heaven

Oriland, what origami can be indeed!


Spice Rack

Test-tubes for a spice rack. They might help "spice up" your kitchen, don't you think?

US$145 from Dean & Deluca

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Chocolate Sunflower

Three-inch chocolate sunflower lollipop by By Art CoCo Chocolate Company via


Cute Collection of Flash Games

For the yummiest-looking online game ever, check out Orisinal by Ferry Halim.

Visit Orisinal


Vintage Poster

Can you smell the lavender? This charming vintage-style print by Katharine Gracey is available from

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Diamond Pendant

Got money to burn? Why not buy a couple of these gorgeous Voile pendants? US$2200 onwards from Tiffany


Mini Food Revolution

Tiny popsicles, thumb-sized toasts. A tea party for teddy and friends? No it's a wedding spread from Callahan Catering. Delectably cute!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pastel Candy

Gorgeous hand-made candy in soft pastel shades. Looks like blobs of meringue, only more sinful. From Keepsake Favors.


Olive Oil Vinegar

These funky bottles of oil and vinegar make cooking fun. To look at, that is.

Terra Media oils and vinegar from Crate & Barrel.


Muffin Mix

Can you say mmmmmmuffin? This raspberry chocolate muffin mix packaging looks deliciously cute. From Crate & Barrel.


Gift Tags

Simple but beautiful gift tags. Aren't they lovely? From Martha Stewart.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Welcome to the home of all things lovely!

I plan to use this site as a room to store all things good and beautiful (to me, at least) in hope that it will inspire or bring a smile to people's face. Cheers!